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Patient History:

Isaac had long forgotten how or why he had been cast off into heaven. He merely just fell, with his wings torn off and his memories completely wiped, Isaac had entered the world knowing only his name and the fact that he had been an angel, disgraced and discarded among his brothers and sisters. But it hasn’t stopped him from finding out why they’d do such a thing, he knew his crimes were great enough to have fallen the way he did, and he just wanted a reason, enough for him to live on and find peace in his own life. 

In 1721, he found solace in a little cottage, where he fell for a young english girl named Evangeline Huxley. He adopted her last name, and stayed with her until her untimely death. After she died, he still kept the name Huxley, and he begun to wander again, to continue the relentless questions he longed for. But as always, it would always lead to a dead end. 

The majority of his life, Isaac had been experiencing night terrors, and it had only worsened since Evangeline’s death. He’s been seeing glimpses of his past life, flashes that would come and go, and all he could feel was guilt and dread. He stumbled upon the asylum by accident, but instead of going elsewhere, he stayed and decided that he would only function more efficiently with getting a decent rest.

Confidential Notes: 


Notable Personality Traits:

Kind, loyal and considerate are the first three things you’ll say when one speaks of Isaac Huxley. He falls easily, and he breaks as quickly. Isaac is the type as someone who tends to keep a tight grip on the people he’s come to love, fearing he’d lose them one way or another, despite the fact that he knows they’d leave in the end. He couldn’t help but keep his optimistic side up, because, as he sees it, life goes on, and he couldn’t do a thing about it. 

Other Notes:

Patient hasn’t been nicknamed by other inmates, and he’s Pansexual.

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Anonymous asked:
Is this active? Because if so I'm interested in applying.

Well, if I’m honest the dash can be slow sometimes, but I’m pretty sure there’s always someone on, so you should apply!


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Emmett Howe accepted!

Congratulations Jared! Your OC is accepted, please send in your account and email to add you to the OOC blog.

So, tonight I might post some new characters, a gossip post and start doing the promo blog thing. Meanwhile, I would like to get some apps or questions.


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hey! just a suggestion. maybe you can try making a promo blog for the rp so it doesn't clog up the main but at the same time, you could get more people to see the blog and maybe get more apps.

I’m pretty sure we have a promo blog, but we haven’t post in a while. But I agree, I’ll try to post more things there, thanks for the suggestion anon!

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is it still possible to return to my past character even if i left the rp?

Of course you can! I’d love to have an old member back.


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